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The Algebrator could replace teachers, sometime in the future. It is more detailed and more patient than my current math teacher. I, personally, understand algebra better. Thank you for creating it!
Bud Pippin, UT

My math professor suggested I use your Algebrator product to help me learn the quadratic equations, and non-linear inequalities, since I just could not follow what he was teaching. I was very skeptical at first, but when I started to understand how to enter the equations, I was amazed with the solution process your software provides. I tell everyone in my class that has problems to purchase your product.
Sally Adair, KS

What a great friendly interface, full of colors, witch make Algebrator software an easy program to work with, and also it's so easy to work on, u don't have to interrupt your thoughts stream every time u need to interact with the program.
K.T., Ohio

You've been extremely patient and helpful. I'm a "late bloomer" in the college scene, and attempting math classes online are quite challenging to say the least! Thank you!
Merv Hass, PA

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