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I am a 9th grade Math Teacher. I use the Algebrator application in my class room, to assist in the learning process. My students have found the easy step by step instructions, and the explanations on how the formula works to be a great help.
Pamela Nelson, MT

The program has led my daughter, Brooke to succeed in her honors algebra class. Although she was already making good grades, the program has allowed her to become more confident because she is able to check her work.
Leilani Jekar, CA

Absolutely genius! Thanks!
Michael Lily, MO

This is the best software I have come across in the education field.
Diane Flemming, NV

I liked the detailed, clearly explained step by step process that Algebrator uses. I'm able to go into my class and follow along with the teacher; it's amazing!
Derek Brennan, IL

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