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converting standard form to vertex form
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Registered: 24.01.2003
From: Koedijk, Alkmaar, The Netherlands

post url Posted: Friday 02nd of Nov 07:35    

Hi, can anyone please help me with my algebra homework? I am very poor in math and would be grateful if you could help me understand how to solve converting standard form to vertex form problems. I also would like to know if there is a good website which can help me prepare well for my upcoming math exam. Thank you!
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Registered: 21.03.2005
From: Prague, Czech Republic

post url Posted: Saturday 03rd of Nov 20:29    

Can you give more details about the problem? I can help you if you explain what exactly you are looking for. Recently I came across a very handy product that helps in understanding math problems quickly . You can get help on any topic related to converting standard form to vertex form , so I recommend trying it out.
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Registered: 08.01.2002
From: Australia

post url Posted: Monday 05th of Nov 16:43    

I agree. Stress will lead you no where. Algebrator is a very handy tool. You don’t need to be a computer expert in order to use it. Its easy to use, and it works great.
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Registered: 11.06.2003
From: California

post url Posted: Tuesday 06th of Nov 07:40    

Really? That sounds like what I need as well . So where did you find the software ?
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Registered: 22.10.2001
From: Sweden

post url Posted: Wednesday 07th of Nov 08:53    

I suggest trying out Algebrator. It not only helps you with your math problems, but also provides all the required steps in detail so that you can enhance the understanding of the subject.
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Registered: 09.08.2002
From: Chattanooga, TN

post url Posted: Wednesday 07th of Nov 21:50    

You should have a look at https://softmath.com/faqs-regarding-algebra.html. Your algebra will improve in a short time, you shall see! All the best!
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