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Registered: 02.12.2001

post url Posted: Tuesday 30th of May 18:36    

Hello there, I am a high-school student and at the end of the term I will have my exams in algebra. I was never very good in math , but this time I am worried that I won't be able to finish this course. I came across hard printable math tests and several other math problems that I can’t figure out. the following topics really made me freak out : converting fractions and function composition . paying for a tutor is not possible for me, because I don't have any money. Please help me!!
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Registered: 11.03.2004
From: Netherlands

post url Posted: Thursday 01st of Jun 09:08    

What precisely are your difficulties with hard printable math tests? Can you give some more details . I remember that some time ago I too had to go through a similar time of unease. In my case , my worried hunt led me to a teacher in my neighborhood. But he was so occupied that he just did not have the time for me. He was the one who in fact pointed out that these days there is yet one more answer at hand. He initiated me to these great programs in algebra.
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Registered: 16.05.2004
From: Welly, NZ

post url Posted: Saturday 03rd of Jun 07:02    

I always use Algebrator to help me with my math assignments. I have tried several other software programs but so far this is the best I have come across . I guess it is the detailed way of explaining the solution to problems that makes the whole process appear so effortless . It is indeed a very good piece of software and I can vouch for it.
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Registered: 01.12.2002
From: UK

post url Posted: Saturday 03rd of Jun 11:42    

I remember having often faced difficulties with absolute values, angle complements and perpendicular lines. A really great piece of math program is Algebrator software. By simply typing in a problem from workbook a step by step solution would appear by a click on Solve. I have used it through many algebra classes – Algebra 1, College Algebra and Algebra 2. I greatly recommend the program.
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Registered: 15.08.2002
From: Wisconsin

post url Posted: Sunday 04th of Jun 10:08    

Sounds appealing . Where can I get this program?
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Registered: 15.05.2002

post url Posted: Monday 05th of Jun 08:07    

Yes I’m sure. This is tried and tested. Here: https://softmath.com/comparison-algebra-homework.html. Try to make use of it. You’ll be improving your solving skills way faster than just by reading tutorials.
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