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simplifying linear expressions
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Registered: 18.07.2003
From: France - Paris

post url Posted: Thursday 18th of Dec 17:33    

Hello Math experts! I am a starting at simplifying linear expressions . I seem to understand the lectures in the class properly, but when I begin to solve the questions at home myself, I commit errors. Does anyone know of any resource where I can get my answers checked before submitting them for grading? Or any resource where I can get to see a step by step solution?
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Registered: 07.05.2006
From: egypt

post url Posted: Friday 19th of Dec 10:01    

You can find many links on the internet if you google the keyword simplifying linear expressions . Most of the information is however crafted for the readers who already have some knowledge about this subject. If you are a complete beginner, you should use Algebrator . Is it easy to understand and very helpful too.
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Registered: 25.11.2004
From: Netherlands

post url Posted: Friday 19th of Dec 18:08    

I used Algebrator also, especially in Pre Algebra. It helped me so much, and you won't believe how simple it is to use! It solves the tasks and it also explains everything step by step. Better than a teacher!
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Registered: 12.05.2002

post url Posted: Sunday 21st of Dec 07:03    

Wow, sounds really good! Can you please tell me where I can get more details? I would like to purchase a copy of this product immediately.
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Registered: 08.07.2001

post url Posted: Tuesday 23rd of Dec 11:58    

You can order this software online: https://softmath.com/faqs-regarding-algebra.html. You won’t regret spending money on it, besides it’s so cheap considering the depth of knowledge you gain from using it. They even offer an ‘no catch’ money back guarantee. All the best for your test.
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Registered: 04.07.2001
From: Victoria City, Hong Kong Island, Hong Kong

post url Posted: Tuesday 23rd of Dec 13:04    

I remember having problems with multiplying fractions, quadratic inequalities and quadratic equations. Algebrator is a really great piece of algebra software. I have used it through several algebra classes - Intermediate algebra, Pre Algebra and Remedial Algebra. I would simply type in the problem and by clicking on Solve, step by step solution would appear. The program is highly recommended.
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