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If you are having trouble with complicated algebra equations I have two words for you: the Algebrator! Try it, I guarantee you will see results in your mathematical performance. It helped me and my friends pass our tough freshman math class.
Linda Hodges, SC

I am still learning how to use it, but what I have learned is a great. Thanks!
Victoria Hill, CO

For years, I paid for an expensive program for my daughter that was nothing more than a glorified tutoring. At my daughters teachers suggestion, I bought your software program. Shes already done so much better that I realize I should have bought it for her a long time ago and saved money!
Clara Johnson, ND

I think the program is tremendous. We have only been using it a week, but it has already paid for itself. We are currently using it to "check" homework assignment on a child struggling in Algebra 2 in High School. I set it to save "99" steps and we can see every step of the solution. The explanations at each step are invaluable, since it has been many years since my Algebra days. We haven't had a problem yet it couldn't solve. It is pretty user friendly, and, as long as you enter the problem correctly, there are no problems. Next year we have another child starting High School and Algebra 1. I will be looking forward to the next release of the Algebrator. It is great!
James Grinols, MN

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