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Before using Algebrator, I could barely do long division. Now Im like the best student in my algebra class and I never would have been able to get that result without it! Thank you so much!
Mika Lester, MI

What I like about this software is the simple way of explaning which anybody can understand. And, by 'anybody, I really mean it.
C.B., Oklahoma

The newest release of your software is tremendous. Besides the GUI I particularly liked the "wizards" that make entry of geometry type problems so much easier. I haven't yet used the more advanced features (function operations etc), but this will become handy once I get into College Algebra.
A.R., Arkansas

Your new release is so much more intuitive! You team was quick to respond. Great job! I will recommend the new version to other students.
Dr. Stephen Wordell, KA

A friend recommended this software and it really helped me get all my homework done faster and right. I strongly recommend it.
Lori Barker

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