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The best thing I like about this software is to adjust as per user requirements. Match your answer or check your steps or go for explanation is your own sweet will. This gives you a practical and clear insight into the problem.
Jim Hendry, CT.

I used your software to prepare for my algebra exam. I really like the step by step solution process and explanations.
Alden Lewis, WI

My son used to hate algebra. Since I have purchased this software, it has surprisingly turned him to an avid math lover. All credit goes to Algebrator.
Gus Taylor, AZ

I bought "The Algebrator" for my daughter to help her with her 10th Grade Advanced Algebra class. Like most kids, she was getting impatient with the evolution of equations (quadratic in particular) and making mistakes in her arithmetic. I very much like the step-by-step display of your product. I think it got my daughter a better grade in the past semester.
Dania J. Guth, KS

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