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I work as a Chemist in the biotech industry and found that no matter how I tried to help my daughter there just seemed to be too many years between our maths. Shes having difficulty with her algebra. A colleague suggested your product and he was right. Its given my daughter a sense of pride that she can now do all her homework on her own. Thanks.
Michael Lily, MO

My 12-year-old son, Jay has been using the program for a few months now. His fraction skills are getting better by the day. Thanks so much!
Jon Maning, NM

As a student I was an excellent maths student but due to scarcity of time I couldnt give attention to my daughters math education. It was an issue I could not resolve and then I came across this software. Algebrator was of immense help for her. She could now learn the basics of algebra. This was shown in her next term grades.
Tom Canty, AZ

As proud as my Mom was every time I saw her cheering me after I ran in a touchdown from 5 yards out, she was always just as worried about my grades. She said if I didnt get my grades up, nobody would ever give me a scholarship, no matter how many rushing yards I got. Even when my coach showed me your program, I didnt want no part of it. But, it started making sense. Now, I do algebra with as much confidence as play football and my senior year is gonna be my best yet!
Jason Padrew, TX

I recently came across on the internet and ordered the algebra software for my child. I am happy to report that the visual and hands on approach is just what my child needed to grasp fundamental algebra concepts.
Alan Cox, TX

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