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Moving from town to town is hard, especially when you have to understand every teacher's way of teaching. With the Algebrator it feels like there's only one teacher, and a good one too. Now I don't have to worry about coping with Algebra. I am searching for help in other domains too.
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Never before did I believe I could do algebra! But now I tell people with pride that I can and everyone I know says I am a genius for it! How can I ever thank you?
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I think it is great! I have showed the program to a couple of classmates during a study group and they loved it. We all wished we had it 4 months ago.
Brian Phillips, WI

This software has really made my life easy as far as doing algebra homework is concerned.
William Marks, OH

Be it any equation, within seconds not only you have the answers but also the steps to refer to. This is awesome.
Mr. Tom Carol, NY

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