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1. Solve the equation for r; use algebraic rules for exponents, roots, and square roots. 2 Solve the equation for C(gravitational constant); use algebraic rules for exponents, roots, and square roots. 3. Suppose that an object is 150 pounds when it is at sea level. Find the value of gravitational constant C150, for 150 pounds, which makes the equation true. (Sea level is 3,963 miles from the center of the earth.) 4. Use the value of C150 for 150 pounds you found in the previous question to determine how much the 150 pound object would weigh at a different distance from the center of the earth a. The lowest natural point on Earth is at the bottom of the Mariana Trench 35,797 feet below sea level First convert feet below sea level to miles and then calculate the distance of the bottom of the trench from the center of the earth b. Use this radius from the center of the earth a
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