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Patient Appointments Some doctors use the formula ND = 1.08T to relate the variables N ( the number of patient appointments the doctor schedules in one day), D ( the duration of each patient appointment), and T ( the total number of minutes the doctor can use to see patients in one day). ( a) Solve the formula for N. ( b) Use this result to find the number of patient appointments N a doctor should make if she has 6 hours available for patients and each appoint-ment is 15 minutes long. ( Round your answer to the nearest whole number.)
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Health Club Membership In 2010, the number of Americans who were members of a health club was 45.3 million. This was an increase of 119% from the number of health club members in 1990. How many Americans were health club members in 1990? ( Source: www. numberof. net)
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