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city cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on april 25. the terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. freight terms were f.o.b. destination. returned goods amounted to $650. what is the net amount due if city cellular sends the manufacturer a partial payment of $5,000 on may 20?
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the empire carpet company orders merchandise for 17700 including 550 in shipping charges on may 4. carpets valued at 1390 will be returned because they are damaged. the terms of sale are 2/10, n30 rog. shipment arrives on may 26. what date must empire pay the voice.
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city cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on april 25. the terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. freight terms were f.o.b. destination. returned goods amounted to $650. what is the net amount due if city cellular sends the manufacture a partial payment of $5,000 on may 20
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e. In the diagram below use the line tool to plot the demand and supply curves using the original equations and your values for the intercepts and slopes of each equation.
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City Cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on April 25. The terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. Freight terms were F.O.B. destination. Returned goods amounted to $650. What is the net amount due if City Cellular sends the manufacturer a partial payment of $5,000 on May 20?
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city cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on april 25. the terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. freight terms were f.o.b. destination. returned goods amounted to $650. what is the net amount due if city cellular sends the manufacture a partial payment of $5,000 on may 20? (points : 2.5)
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