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  • Angela Hatcher is planting flower bulbs in her garden for this coming summer. She intends to plant 1 bulb for every 5 square inches of flower bed. How many flower bulbs will she need for an area measuring 230 square inches?
  • City Cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on April 25. The terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. Freight terms were F.O.B. destination. Returned goods amounted to $650. What is the net amount due if City Cellular sends the manufacturer a partial paym
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  • Ned’s Sheds purchases building materials from Timbertown Lumber for $3,700 with terms of 4/15, n/30. The invoice is dated October 17. Ned’s decides to send in a $2,000 partial payment.considering the scenario from the previous question, if partial payment was sent by the discount date, what is the balance still due on the order?
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  • E-Z Stop Fast Gas sold $10,957 worth of gasoline yesterday. Regular grade sold for $0.18 a gallon and premium grade sold for $0.20 a gallon, what was the station’s total profit?
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  • using the scenario from the question above, imagine you are the bookkeeper for empire. how much money will you send to mohawk? (points : 2.5)
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  • Sunshine Honda sold 112 cars this month. If that is 40% greater than last month, how many cars were sold last month?
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  • . Ned’s Sheds purchases building materials from Timbertown Lumber for $3,700 with terms of 4/15, n/30. The invoice is dated October 17. Ned’s decides to send in a $2,000 partial payment. By what date must the partial payment be sent to take advantage of the cash discount?
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  • 13. What payment should be made on an invoice in the amount of $3,400 dated August 7 if the terms of sale are 3/15, 2/30, n/45 and the bill is paid on August 19?
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  • City Cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on April 25. The terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. Freight terms were F.O.B. destination. Returned goods amounted to $650. What is the net amount due if City Cellular sends the manufacturer a partial payment of $5,000 on May 20. What would be the late fee
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  • City Cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on April 25. The terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. Freight terms were F.O.B. destination. Returned goods amounted to $650. What is the net amount due if City Cellular sends the manufacturer a partial payment of $5,000 on May 20
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  • city cellular purchased $28,900 in cell phones on april 25. the terms of sale were 4/20, 3/30, n/60. freight terms were f.o.b. destination. returned goods amounted to $650. what is the net amount due if city cellular sends the manufacture a partial payment of $5,000 on may 20?
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