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Math 091N Spring Schedule

      DUE DATE
Monday 12-Jan-09 Register, Run Installation Wizard 20-Jan-09
Tuesday 13-Jan-09 Review Assignment 20-Jan-09
Wednesday 14-Jan-09 1.1 Fractions  
Thursday 15-Jan-09    
Friday 16-Jan-09    
Monday 19-Jan-09 MLK Day  
Tuesday 20-Jan-09 1.2 Exponents, Order of Operations , and Inequality 26-Jan-09
Wednesday 21-Jan-09 1.3 Variables, Expressions, and Equations 26-Jan-09
Thursday 22-Jan-09 1.4 Real Numbers and the Number Line 26-Jan-09
Friday 23-Jan-09    
Monday 26-Jan-09 1.5 Adding and Subtracting Real Numbers 2-Feb-09
Tuesday 27-Jan-09 1.6 Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers 2-Feb-09
Wednesday 28-Jan-09 1.7 Properties of Real Numbers 2-Feb-09
Thursday 29-Jan-09 1.8 Simplifying Expressions 2-Feb-09
Friday 30-Jan-09    
Monday 2-Feb-09 Quiz 1 - Chapter 1 4-Feb-09
Tuesday 3-Feb-09 2.1 The Addition Property of Equality 9-Feb-09
Wednesday 4-Feb-09 2.2 The Multiplication Property of Equality 9-Feb-09
Thursday 5-Feb-09 2.3 More on Solving Linear Equations 9-Feb-09
Friday 6-Feb-09    
Monday 9-Feb-09 Exam 1 - Chapter 1 13-Feb-09
Tuesday 10-Feb-09 2.4 An Introduction to Applications of Linear Equations 16-Feb-09
Wednesday 11-Feb-09 2.5 Formulas and Applications from Geometry 16-Feb-09
Thursday 12-Feb-09    
Friday 13-Feb-09    
Monday 16-Feb-09 PRESIDENTS DAY  
Tuesday 17-Feb-09 2.6 Ratios and Proportions 23-Feb-09
Wednesday 18-Feb-09 2.7 Further Applications of Linear Equations 23-Feb-09
Thursday 19-Feb-09 2.8 Solving Linear Inequalities 23-Feb-09
Friday 20-Feb-09    
Monday 23-Feb-09 Quiz #2 - Chapter Two 25-Feb-09
Tuesday 24-Feb-09 3.1 Reading Graphs; Linear Equations in Two Variables 2-Mar-09
Wednesday 25-Feb-09 Appendix C 2-Mar-09
Thursday 26-Feb-09 3.2 Graphing Linear Equations in Two Variables 2-Mar-09
Friday 27-Feb-09    
Monday 2-Mar-09 3.3 The Slope of a Line 9-Mar-09
Tuesday 3-Mar-09 3.4 Equations of a Line 9-Mar-09
Wednesday 4-Mar-09    
Thursday 5-Mar-09    
Friday 6-Mar-09 Quiz #3 - Chapter Three 10-Mar-09
Monday 9-Mar-09 Exam 2 - Chapters 2 and 3 13-Mar-09
Tuesday 10-Mar-09 4.1 The Product Rule and Power Rules for Exponents 16-Mar-09
Wednesday 11-Mar-09 4.2 Integer Exponents and the Quotient Rule 16-Mar-09
Thursday 12-Mar-09    
Friday 13-Mar-09    
Monday 16-Mar-09 SPRING BREAK  
Tuesday 17-Mar-09 SPRING BREAK  
Wednesday 18-Mar-09 SPRING BREAK  
Thursday 19-Mar-09 SPRING BREAK  
Friday 20-Mar-09 SPRING BREAK  
Monday 23-Mar-09 4.3 An Application of Exponents: Scientific Notation 30-Mar-09
Tuesday 24-Mar-09 4.4 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials 30-Mar-09
Wednesday 25-Mar-09 Appendix D 30-Mar-09
Thursday 26-Mar-09    
Friday 27-Mar-09    
Monday 30-Mar-09 4.5 Multiplying Polynomials 6-Apr-09
Tuesday 31-Mar-09 4.6 Special Products 6-Apr-09
Wednesday 1-Apr-09 4.7 Dividing Polynomials 6-Apr-09
Thursday 2-Apr-09    
Friday 3-Apr-09    
Monday 6-Apr-09 Quiz #4 - Chapter Four 8-Apr-09
Tuesday 7-Apr-09 5.1 The Greatest Common Factor; Factoring by Grouping 13-Apr-09
Wednesday 8-Apr-09 5.2 Factoring Trinomials 13-Apr-09
Thursday 9-Apr-09    
Friday 10-Apr-09    
Monday 13-Apr-09 5.3 More on Factoring Trinomials 20-Apr-09
Tuesday 14-Apr-09 5.4 Special Factoring Techniques 20-Apr-09
Wednesday 15-Apr-09    
Thursday 16-Apr-09    
Friday 17-Apr-09    
Monday 20-Apr-09 5.5 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring 27-Apr-09
Tuesday 21-Apr-09 5.6 Applications of Quadratic Equations 27-Apr-09
Wednesday 22-Apr-09    
Thursday 23-Apr-09    
Friday 24-Apr-09    
Monday 27-Apr-09 Exam 3 - Chapters 4 and 5 1-May-09
Tuesday 28-Apr-09    
Wednesday 29-Apr-09 Quiz #5 - Review Quiz Chapters 1 - 5 3-May-09
Thursday 30-Apr-09    
Friday 1-May-09    
Monday 4-May-09 Exam 4 - Final Exam Chapters 1 - 5 4-May-09

Assignments are due at 9:00 am on the due date.
Quizzes and Exams are due by the end of the day on the due date.

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