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Math Chapter 1 Review

Relevant Practice Final Questions

The questions on the Math 120 Review that appear to deal with
Chapter 1 are 7, 29-30, and 33-56


Important Formulas/Concepts:
1 Graphing equations .
2 What it means for a point to be a solution of an equation .
3 Finding x- and y- intercepts .


Important Formulas/Concepts:
1 Definition of a linear equation .
2 Solving linear equations.
3 Solving rational expressions (noting domain).
4 An equation is an identity if it is true for all real numbers and
an inconsistent
equation if it is not true for any real number.


Important Formulas/Concepts:
1 Formulas.
2 Using models/solving word problems.
3 Solving formulas for variables.


Important Formulas/Concepts:
2 Rules for simplifying square roots with negative numbers.
3 Multiplying / dividing complex numbers.
4 Standard form of complex numbers a + bi.


Important Formulae/Concepts:
1 Definition of quadratic equations .
2 Solving quadratic equations by factoring and using the
-product principle.
3 The square root method.
4 Completing the square.
5 The quadratic formula.
6 The discriminant.


Important Formulas/Concepts:
1 Strategies for solving other equations including: using
factoring by grouping, isolating a
->squaring/ cubing ->etc., radical equations with
rational exponents, equations in quadratic forms, absolute
value equations .


Important Formulas/Concepts:
1 Linear inequalities (definition)
2 Plotting solutions to linear inequalities on a number line.
3 Solving linear inequalities.
4 Solving compound linear inequalities.
5 Solving absolute value inequalities.


Important Formulas/Concepts:
1 Quadratic inequalities, definition.
2 Solving quadratic inequalities (by factoring, drawing a number
line, and checking the intervals).
3 Solving rational inequalities (by finding the values that make
either the numerator or the denominator zero, drawing a
number line, and checking the intervals).

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