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Simplifying basic expressions

Want to make simplification simple? Read our tutorials and use interactive simplifiers to understand what simplification is all about.

Fractions and rational expressions

Want to spend a just a fraction of your study time on algebraic fractions? Learn how to dimplify fractions and solve different rational expressions problems using our tutorials that include the softmath's famous expression simplifier.      

Rational equations

We will teach you about rational equations in a very rational manner! Use these tutorials and interactive solvers to find out what rational equations are and how to solve them

Arithmetic with integers and real numbers

Need a bit of a brush up on arithmetics? Review the basics of arithmetics calculations and learn about representation of integers and real numbers using our interactive solvers.

Graphing functions

Graphing functions is very similar graphing equations. Here you will learn proper functional notation as well as graphing functions that are more complex that the ones found in Graphing equations tutorials.