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Thousands of users are using our software to conquer their algebra homework. Here are some of their experiences:

You have made me a believer. Your support and quick response is key. Thank you again for your professional support, easy to talk to, understanding, and patient.
Patricia Blackwell, NJ

I purchased the Personal Algebra Tutor (PAT). The system is not has functional as I wanted or expected, and there are several problems it will not solve, or certain problems will freeze up the system. The program is OK but there are too many limitations and several technical issues. It took three e-mail from their tech support just to activate the program.
Melinda Thompson, CO

The newest release of your software is tremendous. Besides the GUI I particularly liked the "wizards" that make entry of geometry type problems so much easier. I haven't yet used the more advanced features (function operations etc), but this will become handy once I get into College Algebra.
Julieta Cuellar, PN

I am a 9th grade Math Teacher. I use the Algebrator application in my class room, to assist in the learning process. My students have found the easy step by step instructions, and the explanations on how the formula works to be a great help.
Christopher Bowman, TX

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