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I must say that I am extremely impressed with how user friendly this one is over the Personal Tutor. Easy to enter in problems, I get explanations for every step, every step is complete, etc.
Bim Oyadare, FL

When kids who have struggled their entire lives with math, start showing off the step-by-step ability to solve complex algebraic equations, and smile while doing so, it reminds me why I became a teacher in the first place!
Sarah Jones, CA

The Algebrator Software is marvelous. Complex numbers always scared me and I wanted a way out. The step-by-step way of your software really cleared my concepts and now I look forward to solve other types of algebra problems.
Brian Phillips, WI

It was very helpful.
Dan Trenton, OK

Teachers used to pick on me because I didn't do my homework, but now the Algebrator does my homework for me, and the funny thing is that I actually understand where those results came from.
Charlotte Beecham, IN

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