Algebrator in the Press

Below you will find a number of reviews of Algebrator published in either a paper, magazine or on-line, spanning more than a decade of the software's existence. A clickable article title indicates the original is still available, otherwise you may click image to see an archived copy from our website.

Press Reviews
Top Ten Reviews
Reviewed by: Top Ten Reviews Editor
Publication date: 2010

Review Excerpt:
Algebrator was the best program we reviewed when it came to ease of offers a dynamic worksheet capable of solving any equation you enter into it. We tried to ... >>

Mathematics and Computer Education Journal  (reprint)
Reviewed by: Harvey J. Hindin, Emerging Tech. Group, Inc.
Publication date: September 2009

Review Excerpt:
No Johnny-come-lately to algebra software help for students, [Algebrator] has been around since 1988. Algebrator is useful for remediation, or as an aid to classroom instruction or private tutoring. Other good algebra software is available, but Algebrator is certainly in the best-buy category ... >>

The Old Schoolhouse
Reviewed by: Dr. Anne Margaret Wright
Publication date: April 2008

Review Excerpt:
There's a lot to love about Algebrator! The program is very intuitive, easy to use, extremely powerful, helpful and even fun...The level of options is impressive, even down to the level of steps the program will show, from every tiny step to just showing the answer...We found Algebrator to be an excellent supplement for a wide variety of algebra ... >>

Family Review Center
Reviewed by: Family Review Center Editor
Publication date: 2008

Review Excerpt:
A life saver for algebra students, and a time saver for algebra teachers...this program will guide you through in a teaching manner that is very similar to what you experience in the classroom when a teacher explains it to you...My son used this program through the review process. He liked how the program could help him get through the areas he was stuck on, yet allowed him to work out the rest of the problem... >>

Mathematics Teacher
Reviewed by: Susan E. Hvizdos, Wheeling Park High School
Publication date: February 2000

Review Excerpt:
Algebrator can be used extensively in any algebra classroom  as a valuable teaching or reteaching tool...I recommend this software as a complement to curricular materials ... >>

THE Journal
Reviewed by: THE Journal Technology Editor
Publication date: May 1999

Review Excerpt: designed to fill the gap between educational algebra software programs and professional computer algebra systems. Instead of solving pre-assembled questions, students and educators can use Algebrator to enter their own equations for step-by-step help in problem solving. The program uses a natural solving strategy that shows each step of simplification, factoring or other ... >>

Superkids Educational Software Review
Reviewed by: Superkids Software Review Editor
Publication date: 2010

Review Excerpt:
Algebrator is impressive in its problem-solving capability. It handled every problem we threw at it, with ease ... >>