Most recently answered word problems

Posted On Apr 22, 2024
Cameron opened a savings account with dollar sign, 1800$1800 that pays no interest. He deposits an additional dollar[..]
Posted On Feb 7, 2024
Over the last 3 evenings, Salma received a total of 55 phone calls at the call center. The second evening, she[..]
Posted On Jan 31, 2024
A total of $7000 is invested part at 5% and the reminder at 10% how much is invested at this rate if the annual[..]
Posted On Dec 1, 2023
If 3 is subjected from the numerator of a certain fraction, the value of the fraction becomes 3/5 . If one is[..]
Posted On Nov 7, 2023
Suppose you graph the information below. Find the slope of a line drawn through the points 8. 12.[..]
Posted On Nov 6, 2023
Country A has an exponential growth rate of 4.1% per year. The population is currently 4,584,000, and the land area[..]
Posted On Oct 7, 2023
The volume of wood in a tree varies jointly as the height of the tree and the square of the distance around the tree[..]
Posted On Aug 31, 2023
A pizza shop delivered 17 pepperoni pizzas to a College on the first night of final exams. The total cost of the[..]
Posted On Aug 22, 2023
A 40 -in . board is to be cut into two pieces so that one piece is 8 in . shorter than the other . Find the length[..]
Posted On May 30, 2023
Julian's age is three times Thomas's age. The sum of their ages is 32. What is Thomas's age?