Most recently answered word problems

Posted On Aug 31, 2023
A pizza shop delivered 17 pepperoni pizzas to a College on the first night of final exams. The total cost of the[..]
Posted On Aug 22, 2023
A 40 -in . board is to be cut into two pieces so that one piece is 8 in . shorter than the other . Find the length[..]
Posted On May 30, 2023
Julian's age is three times Thomas's age. The sum of their ages is 32. What is Thomas's age?
Posted On Nov 14, 2022
If 10 letters are to be placed in 10 addresed envolops then what is the probablity that at least one letter is[..]
Posted On Oct 4, 2022
A rectangular auditorium seats 1920 people. The number of seats in each row exceeds the number of rows by 8. Find[..]
Posted On Sep 4, 2022
A man can encode 1500 words in every hour of typing a job.Express the total words J as a function of the number of[..]
Posted On Sep 4, 2022
A distance of 24 mi in 2hr. Returning, he finds that the trip downstream, still at top speed takes only 1.5 hr. Find[..]
Posted On May 10, 2022
A shipping container will be used to transport several 80-kilogram crates across the country by rail. The greatest[..]
Posted On Apr 21, 2022
A plumber charges $85 for service calls plus $23 per hour of labor. Write and solve an equation to determine how[..]