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Wow! I wish I would have had the Algebrator when I first started learning algebra. I purchased it for my college algebra class, and I love it. Thank you, Thank you!!
T.P., New York

Moving from town to town is hard, especially when you have to understand every teacher's way of teaching. With the Algebrator it feels like there's only one teacher, and a good one too. Now I don't have to worry about coping with Algebra. I am searching for help in other domains too.
Derek Brennan, IL

The Algebrator is the perfect algebra tutor. It covers everything you need to know about algebra in an easy and comprehensive manner.
D.D., Arizona

My son has used Algebrator through his high-school, and it seems he will be taking it to college as well (thanks for the free update, by the way). I really like the fact that I can depend on your company to constantly improve the software, rather than just making the sale and forgetting about the customers.
Jack Garner, IL

It was hard to go back to school as an adult, especially when I had to redo math courses because it had been two decades since graduation. I needed help badly and thankfully, your product delivered. I cant thank you enough.
Michael Tanskley, CA

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