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If it wasnt for Algebrator, I never would have been confident enough in myself to take the SATs, let alone perform so well in the mathematical section (especially in algebra). I have the chance to go to college, something no one in my family has ever done. After the support and love of both my mother and father, I think wed all agree that I owe the rest of my success as a student to your software. It really is remarkable!
Mario Certa, CA

Just watching my students, one after another, easily grasp these higher mathematical concepts and really, truly understand what they are doing, makes Algebrator worth the price of admission. Furthermore, for the gains, the price is tremendously inexpensive!
Linda Howard, GA

If you dont have the money to pay a home tutor then the Algebrator is what you need and believe me, it does all a tutor would do and probably even more.
Michael, OH

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