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I never used to take interest in math and always found algebra boring. Time has changed since I bought this software. My concepts are very clear and I love the step-by-step approach.
Clara Johnson, ND

I like the ability to show all, some, or none of the steps. Sometimes I need to cross reference my work, and other times I just need to check the solution. I also like how an explanation can be shown for each step. That helps learn the functions of each different method for solving.
Steve Canter, CA

Hi, I wanted to comment on your software, not only is it really easy to follow, but I can hide the step by step procedures, or choose to show them. Also, the fact that it explains how to use the rules.
Karen Coates, GA

Kudos to The Algebrator! My daughter Sarah has been getting straight A's on her report card thanks to this outstanding piece of software. She is no longer having a hard time with her algebra homework. After using the program for a few weeks, we said goodbye to her demanding tutor. Thank you!
Billy Hafren, TX

Just when I thought I couldn't find the program to do the job, I found Algebrator and my algebra problems were gone! Thank you.
May Sung, OK

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