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I liked the detailed, clearly explained step by step process that Algebrator uses. I'm able to go into my class and follow along with the teacher; it's amazing!
Maria Peter, NY

Thank you for the responses. You actually make learning Algebra sort of fun.
Joseph K., MN

Ive been a high-school math teacher for over sixteen years and luckily, Ive had computers aiding me in the classroom since the Apple II. But nothing has ever gotten the results or helped my students understand as many advanced equations and concepts as Algebrator has! Thats why nowadays, I make sure every student system in the school (even the notebooks) are running it! If nothing else, it makes our jobs a lot easier!
Jim Hendry, CT.

What a great friendly interface, full of colors, witch make Algebrator software an easy program to work with, and also it's so easy to work on, u don't have to interrupt your thoughts stream every time u need to interact with the program.
Ida Smith, GA

It is amazing to know that this software covers so many algebra topics. It does not limit you to preset auto-generated problems you simply enter your own. It is a must for all students. I highly recommend this package to all.
Merv Hass, PA

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