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As a mother who is both a research scientist and a company president (we do early ADME Tox analyses for the drug-discovery industry), I am very concerned about my daughters math education. Your algebra software was tremendously helpful for her. Its patient, full explanations were nearly what one would get with a professional tutor, but far more convenient and, needless to say, less expensive.
Tina Washington, TX

Before using the program, our son struggled with his algebra homework almost every night. When Matt's teacher told us about the program at a parent-teacher conference we decided to try it. Buying the program was one of the best investments we could ever make! Matts grades went from Cs and Ds to As and Bs in just a few weeks! Thank you!
Jeff Ply, CO

I really liked the ability to choose a particular transformation to perform, rather than blindly copying the solution process..
M.B., Illinois

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