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Although I have always been good at math, I use the Algebrator to make sure my algebra homework is correct. I find the software to be very user friendly. Im sure I will be using it when I start college in about one year.
Dora Greenwood, PA

I was searching for months for a piece of software that would help me improve my Algebra skills. My solution was the Algebrator, and now I can tell you how it feels to be an A student.
Craig Reynolds, DE

I am very much relieved to see my son doing well in Algebra. He was always making mistakes, as his concepts of arithmetic were not at all clear. Then I decided to buy Algebrator. I was amazed to see the change in him. Now he enjoys his mathematics and the mistakes are considerably reduced.
Paul D'Souza, NC

Congratulations & Thanks for this wonderful piece of software. It is both challenging and fun.
Romero Reynolds, AK.

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