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It is more intuitive. And it even 'took' my negative scientific annotations and showed me how to simplify! Thanks!!!
Derek Brennan, IL

I want to thank you for all you help. Your spport in resolving how do a problem has helped me understand how to do the problems, and actually get the right result. Thanks So Much.
Max Duncan, OH

As a single mom attending college, I found that I did not have much time for my daughter when I was struggling over my Algebra homework. I tried algebra help books, which only made me more confused. I considered a tutor, but they were just simply to expensive. The Algebrator software was far less expensive, and walked me through each problem step by step. Thank you for creating a great product.
William Marks, OH

Our daughter is making the grades she is capable of thanks to the Algebrator. Hats off to you all! Thank you!
Stephanie Cummings, AZ

The most hated equations in Algebra for me is Radical ones, I couldn't solve any radical equation till I bought your software. Now, learned how to solve them and how to check if my answers are valid.
Lydia Sanders, CA

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