solve a second order differential equation in matlab
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I am in desperate need of help in completing an assignment in solve a second order differential equation in matlab. I need to submit it by next week and am having a tough time trying to work out a few tricky problems. I tried some of the internet help sites but have not gotten much help so far. I would be really grateful if anyone can help me.
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Jahm Xjardx


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Can you be a bit more clear about solve a second order differential equation in matlab ? I conceivably able to help you if I knew few more details . A proper program provide solution to your problem instead of paying for a math tutor. I have tried many math program and guarantee that Algebrator is the best program that I have come across . This Algebrator will solve any algebra problem that you enter and it also make clear every step of the solution – you can exactly reproduce as your homework . However, this Algebrator should also help you to learn algebra rather than only use it to copy answers.
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Thanks for the tip . Algebrator is truly a life-saving math software. I was able to get answers to questions I had about rational inequalities, proportions and evaluating formulas. You only need to type in a problem, click on Solve and you get the all the solutions you need. You can use it for so many , like Pre Algebra, Algebra 1 and College Algebra. I think everyone should use Algebrator.
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This thing appears to be really good. Where can I get it ? I would love to try it out myself, as soon as possible . Hurray! Now I have something to help me!
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I would recommend using Algebrator. It not only assists you with your math problems, but also displays all the required steps in detail so that you can enhance the understanding of the subject.
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Yup, I can: Buy it and try it, if you don’t are not impressed with it ( which is highly improbable) then they even have an unconditional money back guarantee. Give it a go and good luck with your project .
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