form a quadratic equation out of x=-1 and x=-8
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Hello dude , can anyone assist me with my homework in Remedial Algebra. It would be good if you could just give me heads up about the links from where I can get aid on complex fractions.
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Hey friend , I was in your situation a couple of weeks back and my sister suggested me to have a look at this site, Algebrator was really useful since it gave all the fundamentals that I needed to solve my assignment in College Algebra. Just have a look at it and let me know if you need further details on Algebrator so that I can offer assistance on Algebrator based on the experience that I currently posses.
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I must agree that Algebrator is a great thing and the best software of this kind you can find. I was thrilled when after weeks of anger I simply typed in solving a triangle and that was the end of my problems with math. It's also so good that you can use the program for any level: I have been using it for several years now, I used it in Pre Algebra and in Pre Algebra too ! Just try it and see it for yourself!
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I remember having often faced difficulties with parallel lines, conversion of units and reducing fractions. A really great piece of math program is Algebrator software. By simply typing in a problem homework a step by step solution would appear by a click on Solve. I have used it through many math classes – College Algebra, Basic Math and Algebra 1. I greatly recommend the program.
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Oh great ! Thanks a lot . I am suddenly feeling happy knowing that relief is at hand. I would like to try it out immediately . Whom should I call to access this program? I can hardly wait to obtain this program now.
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You can download it from (softwareLinks) by paying a nominal fee. Good luck with your homework and let me know if your problems got solved.
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