algebra 2b
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I've always wanted to excel in algebra 2b, it seems like there's a lot that can be done with it that I can't do otherwise. I've browsed the internet for some good learning tools , and consulted the local library for some books, but all the data seems to be targeted at people who already know the subject. Is there any tool that can help new students as well?
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Jahm Xjardx


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The perspective you’ve adopted towards the algebra 2b is not the a good one. I do understand that one can’t really think of anything else in such a situation. Its nice that you still want to try. My key to successful equation solving is Algebrator I would advise you to give it a try at least once.
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Algebrator is a fantastic software. All I had to do with my problems with graphing inequalities, inequalities and simplifying expressions was to basically type in the problems; click the ‘solve’ and presto, the solution just popped out step-by-step in an easy manner. I have used this to problems in Algebra 1, College Algebra and Algebra 2. I would boldly say that this is just the answer for you.
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Can anyone kindly give me the URL to this program ? I am on the verge of breaking down. I like math a lot and don’t want to drop it just because of one topic.
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You can find the software here
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