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Hi Friends , I am urgently in need of assistance for clearing my math exam that is nearing. I really do not intend to opt for the service of private masters and online coaching since they prove to be quite expensive . Could you recommend a perfect teaching utility that can support me with learning the intricacies of Algebra 2. Particularly, I need help on function domain and converting fractions.
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From: egypt,alexandria

post url Posted: Thursday 08th of Sep 08:03    

I have a good recommendation that could help you with algebra. You simply need a good program to make clear the problems that are hard . You don't need a tutor , because firstly it's very expensive , and on the other hand you won't have it near you whenever you need help. A program is better because you only have to buy it once, and it's yours for all time. I recommend you to try Algebrator, because it's the best. Since it can solve almost any algebra problems , you will certainly use it for a very long time, just like I did. I purchased it a long time ago when I was in Pre Algebra, but I still use it quite often.
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Hi guys! Algebrator is a very beneficial piece of software. I use it frequently to solve questions. You must try it. It may solve your problem.
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From: Bellevue, WA

post url Posted: Friday 09th of Sep 15:10    

Sounds like something I need to purchase right away. Any links for ordering this software over the internet?
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post url Posted: Sunday 11th of Sep 12:10    

Sure, why not! You can grab a copy of the software from You are bound to get addicted to it. Best of Luck.
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