problems involving quadratic equations
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Will somebody assist me to resolve my difficulty with my math? I have strived to find myself a tutor who can lend me a hand. But until now I have failed. Its difficult to locate someone near by and within my means. But then I want to find a solution to my problem with problems involving quadratic equations as my exams are fast approaching just now. It will be a large help for me if somebody can assist me.
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post url Posted: Monday 26th of Jun 09:40    

I’m quite familiar in problems involving quadratic equations. However, it’s quite hard to explain it. I may help you answer it but since the solution is complex, I doubt you will really understand the whole process of solving it so it’s recommended that you really have to ask someone to explain it to you in person to make the explaining clearer. Good thing is that there’s this software that can help you with your problems. It’s called Algebrator and it’s an amazing piece of program because it does not only show the answer but it also shows the process of solving it. How cool is that?
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From: Ubik

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That's true, a good software can do miracles . I used a few but Algebrator is the best . It doesn't make a difference what class you are in, I myself used it in Basic Math and Remedial Algebra as well , so you don't have to be concerned that it's not on your level. If you never used a program before I can assure you it's very easy , you don't have to know much about the computer to use it. You just have to type in the keywords of the exercise, and then the software solves it step by step, so you get more than just the answer.
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I’m going to grab a copy for me software right away. All I want to know is, where can I get it? Anyone?
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I recommend trying out Algebrator. It not only helps you with your math problems, but also provides all the required steps in detail so that you can enhance the understanding of the subject.
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Don’t worry my friend . As what I said, it displays the solution for the problem so you won’t really have to copy the answer only but it makes you understand how did the program came up with the answer. Just go to this site and prepare to learn and solve faster .
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