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pre algebra study sheet
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Registered: 04.01.2005

post url Posted: Monday 19th of Nov 21:21    

Hi math wizards! I am about halfway through the semester, and getting a bit worried about my course work. I just don’t seem to understand the stuff I am learning, especially things to do with pre algebra study sheet. Could somebody out there please teach me with perpendicular lines, equation properties and graphing parabolas. I can’t afford to pay for a tutor, but if anyone knows about other ways of mastering topics like parallel lines or converting fractions without fuss , please drop me a line Thanks a lot
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Registered: 08.03.2007
From: egypt,alexandria

post url Posted: Tuesday 20th of Nov 15:44    

You’re not alone. As a matter of fact , I had the same woes just before I found something very helpful . Have you encountered Algebrator? If you have not heard anything about this excellent piece of program yet, let me give you an idea about this software. This is a software that helps you to solve math problems and at the same time you could learn from it because it displays a step-by-step procedure of solving the problem. It really helped me in my problems in math and my marks significantly improved since I used this. Be reminded that it does not only show the answer but it helps you understand how to solve the problem that makes it very educational.
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Registered: 05.07.2001
From: Toronto, Ontario

post url Posted: Tuesday 20th of Nov 17:08    

Hi , I am in Basic Math and I bought Algebrator recently . It has been so much easier since then to do my algebra homework! My grades also got much better. In other words, Algebrator is great and this is exactly what you were looking for!
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Registered: 31.03.2002
From: Leuven, Belgium

post url Posted: Wednesday 21st of Nov 15:38    

First of all thanks for replying guys ! I really want to buy this software . Can you please tell me how to order this software? Can we order it through the web, or do we buy it from some retail store?
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Registered: 31.08.2001
From: Beautiful Northwest Lower Michigan

post url Posted: Thursday 22nd of Nov 19:11    

check out this link: https://softmath.com/ordering-algebra.html. You will see some more information about it on how to go about purchasing it.
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