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equations involving rational expressions
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Registered: 10.08.2001
From: On a pogo-stick over that way.

post url Posted: Saturday 14th of Oct 12:20    

Hey guys! Guess what, I was down with fever last week, and have missed a few lectures because of that. Now that our mid-semester are due next week I really need some help in topics like equations involving rational expressions and some other topics like adding functions, fractional exponents and proportions. I was thinking on hiring some private tutor but then my pocket money won’t allow me to do so. I really need some urgent help in those topics, else I might perform really badly in my final exams. Can anyone give some advice? I need some help, and I need it FAST!
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Registered: 07.05.2006
From: egypt

post url Posted: Sunday 15th of Oct 15:45    

Algebrator is the latest hot favourite of equations involving rational expressions students. I know a couple of tutors who actually ask their students to use a copy of this software at their home.
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Registered: 13.03.2002
From: Omnipresent

post url Posted: Monday 16th of Oct 19:03    

I couldn’t agree more with what was just said . Algebrator has always come to my rescue, be it an assignment or be it my preparation for the final exams, Algebrator has always helped me do well in algebra. It particularly helped me on topics like lcf, evaluating formulas and perpendicular lines. I would highly recommend this software.
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Registered: 13.02.2005

post url Posted: Tuesday 17th of Oct 12:03    

Thank you for your assistance . How do I get this software?
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Registered: 17.10.2003
From: Ontario

post url Posted: Wednesday 18th of Oct 10:00    

You don’t have to worry about calling them , it can be ordered online. Here’s the link: https://softmath.com/about-algebra-help.html. They even provide an unconditional money back assurance, which is just great!
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