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Hello people . I am a student in the Pre Algebra. I like math very much since I was little . Unfortunately I have come to a point where I can no longer solve my math homework on my own . I had a algebra private teacher, who helped me so far with my homework, but I had to pay a lot of money that I had to tell him not to come anymore. Today we learnt something new: online trinomial factorer, and when I came home from class I realized that I can't do my algebra homework, and that scared me . I also still don't understand trigonometry and radical inequalities. What should I do now? I adore algebra and I don't want to have low grades.
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I have a good suggestion that could help you with algebra. You simply need a good program to clarify the problems that are complicated. You don't need a private teacher, because on one hand it's very expensive , and secondly you won't have it near you whenever you need help. A software is better because you only have to get it once, and it's yours for all time. I advice you to check out Algebrator, because it's the best. Since it can resolve almost any algebra exercises, you will surely use it for a very long time, just like I did. I bought it a long time ago when I was in Basic Math, but I still use it sometimes .
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Some teachers really don’t know how to explain that well. Luckily, there are softwares like Algebrator that makes a great substitute teacher for math subjects. It might even be better than a real teacher because it’s more accurate and faster !
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I remember having often faced problems with converting fractions, point-slope and angle-angle similarity. A truly great piece of math program is Algebrator software. By simply typing in a problem from workbook a step by step solution would appear by a click on Solve. I have used it through many algebra classes – Algebra 2, Basic Math and Basic Math. I greatly recommend the program.
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Recommended by gurus ! I must say this software sounds really interesting. Can I try it once?
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It is really good if you think so. You can find the software here
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