Problema Solution

Carl travelled the 1900 km from his home

in Eastern Ontario to Winnipeg. He

travelled by bus to Toronto at an average

speed of 60 km/h and then flew to

Winnipeg at an average speed of

700 km/h. His total travelling time was

7 h. How many kilometres did he travel

by bus? How far did he travel by airplane?

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v1 = 60 km/h average speed by bus to Toronto
v2 = 700 km/h average speed by plane to Winnipeg
d = 1,900 km the total distance traveled
t = 7 h total traveling time
t1 = the time of the travel by bug
t2 = the time of the travel by plane
t = t1 + t2 the total time
d1 = the distance traveled by bus
d2 = the distance traveled by plane
d = d1 + d2 the total distance

Since average speed = distance/time we have time = distance/avg.speed

t1 = d1/v1 that is t1 = d1/60

t2 = d2/v2 that is t2 = d2/700

Plug the above values into t1 + t2 = t.

We have the following system of equations:

d1/60 + d2/700 = 7

d1 + d2 = 1900


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d1 = 281.25 km

d2 = 1,618.75 km

Carl traveled 281.25 km by bus and 1,618.75 km by plane.