About Us - Some Historical Highlights


Yes, it is hard to believe , but it has been more than 20 years since the development of the first version of Algebrator (then it was called Edusym). Here is the link to the first academic paper written on the software :

ACM paper

There were many more, but we are not going to bore you with them.


For a long time, Algebrator was sold only to educational institutions. In 1999, we decided to make it available to students via Internet. Take a look at the first version of our web site:

archive.org 1999 version of softmath.com

Funny looking, wasn't it?


Algebrator expands to cover the complete College Algebra including Linear Algebra. Gone is the clunky line-input; true WYSIWYG interface is in!


Major new release is available - expanding the coverage to elements of Statistics and Trigonometry. We haven't forgotten students who need help with very basic math - Algebrator now provides step-by-step breakdown of arithmetic operations. Other features in this release include output in mathML format (for creating nice looking math web pages) and a version released in Spanish. In a sense "Algebrator" has outgrown its name, gradually becoming a comprehensive math learning environment.

So, what's the point of the history lesson? Well, we just want you to know that we are not some fly-by-night company only interested in making a quick profit. For more than 20 years we have been dedicated to making math easier for students of all ages. We are not going anywhere - as time goes by we will develop more advanced versions of Algebrator that will cover word problems, calculus... we will grow with you and your needs!