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My fourteen year-old son, Bradley, was considered at-risk by his school. But, I couldnt make him listen to me. Then when a teacher at his school, Mr. Kindler bless his heart, got him to try an after-school program, it was like a miracle! I wouldnt say Bradley became a model student but he was no longer failing his math classes. So when I found out that Mr. Kindler based his entire program on using Algebrator, I just had to write this letter to say Thank You! Imagine that!
Samuel Lee, CA

There are so many algebra programs available. I dont know how I got stuck with yours, but academically speaking, it is the best thing that has ever happened to me!
Diane Flemming, NV

Every time I use the Algebrator program, I discover something new and useful, I think this program should be attached to each student computer in the US, especially considering its price.
Max Duncan, OH

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