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Ive been a high-school math teacher for over sixteen years and luckily, Ive had computers aiding me in the classroom since the Apple II. But nothing has ever gotten the results or helped my students understand as many advanced equations and concepts as Algebrator has! Thats why nowadays, I make sure every student system in the school (even the notebooks) are running it! If nothing else, it makes our jobs a lot easier!
Catherine, IL

It was hard for me to sit with my son and helping him with his math homework after a long day at office. Even he could not concentrate. Finally we got him this software and it seems we found a permanent solution. I am grateful that we found it.
Sam Willis, MD

As the parent of an ADD child, Ive tried many different tutors and learning programs, and none have really worked. So, I must admit, I was skeptical about using yours. So soon after, when my sons math teacher called me to setup a meeting, I thought, Great, what now? But, to my delight, she wanted to know what my secret was because, as she put it, my son had done a complete 180 and was now one of her best students! So I told her what my secret was: your software!
Clara Johnson, ND

Every time I use the Algebrator program, I discover something new and useful, I think this program should be attached to each student computer in the US, especially considering its price.
William Marks, OH

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