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As a student I was an excellent maths student but due to scarcity of time I couldnt give attention to my daughters math education. It was an issue I could not resolve and then I came across this software. Algebrator was of immense help for her. She could now learn the basics of algebra. This was shown in her next term grades.
S.H., Texas

I was having problems learning quadratic equations, until I purchased your software. Now I know how to do not only do quadratics, but I also learned with the step by step examples how to do other more difficult equations and inequalities. Great product!
Helen Dillanueva, VA

As a teacher, much of my time was taken up by creating effective lesson plans. Algebrator allows me to create each lesson in about half the time. My kids love it because I can spend more time with them! Once they are old enough, I hope they will find this program useful as well.
Christopher Montomery, OH

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