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I just wanted to first say your algebra program is awesome! It really helped me it my class! I was really worried about my Algebra class and the step through solving really increased my understanding of Algebra and allowed me to cross check my work and pointed out where I went wrong during my solutions. Thanks!
Montgomery Gross, VA

My twins needed help with algebra equations, but I did not have the knowledge to help them. Rather then spending a lot of money on a math tutor, I found a program that does the same thing. My twins are no longer struggling with math. Thank you for creating a product that helps so many people.
Daniel Thompson, CA

My son has struggled with math the entire time he has been in school. Algebrator's simple step by step solutions made him enjoy learning. Thank you!
C.B., Iowa

I have never understood algebra, which caused me to struggle, and ended up making me hate math. Now that I have Algebrator, math no longer seems like a foreign language to me. I enjoy attending my Math class now!
Tom Sandy, NE

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