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For years, I paid for an expensive program for my daughter that was nothing more than a glorified tutoring. At my daughters teachers suggestion, I bought your software program. Shes already done so much better that I realize I should have bought it for her a long time ago and saved money!
Patricia, MI

This new version is a vast improvement over the old one.
Stephanie Cummings, AZ

Wonderful tool for a new algebra student.
Jacob Matheson, FL

My son used to hate algebra. Since I have purchased this software, it has surprisingly turned him to an avid math lover. All credit goes to Algebrator.
Pam Marris, TX

I can't say enough wonderful things about the software. It has helped my son and I do well in our beginning algebra class. Currently, he and I are taking the same algebra class at our local community college. Not only does the software help us solve equations but it has also helped us work together as a team. Thank you!
William Marks, OH

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