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You can now forget about being grounded for bad grades in Algebra. With the Algebrator it takes only a few minutes to fully understand and do your homework.
C.B., Oklahoma

This program laid the foundation for the most successful step-by-step solution to teaching algebra that Ive ever seen or had the pleasure of implementing inside the classroom. As I mentioned during our previous telephone conversation, when charting the actual results from standardized mathematical comprehension testing of our students, using data from the periods both prior to and just after the implementation of your software, the comparative difference is really obvious.
Jim Hendry, CT.

I needed to test out of algebra to satisfy the entrance requirements for school. Algebrator saved me. Thank you!
Merv Hass, PA

I recently came across on the internet and ordered the algebra software for my child. I am happy to report that the visual and hands on approach is just what my child needed to grasp fundamental algebra concepts.
Brittany Peters, NC

Great stuff! As I was doing an Internet search on effective math software, I came across the Algebrator Web site. I decided to purchase the software after seeing the online demo and never regretted it. Thanks!
Willy Tucker, NJ.

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