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My son was in a major car wreak and was homebound for several months. I feared that he would fall behind in his classes. His math teacher recommended Algebrator, which literally took him through each problem step by step. Once my son was able to return to school, he had a better understanding of math then before he left. I would recommend this software to anyone!
Ken Rogers, LA.

Its a miracle! I looks like it's going to work. I get so close with solving almost all problems and this program has answered my prayers!
Tina Washington, TX

My sister bought your software program for my kids after she saw them doing their homework one night. As a teacher, shed recognized the value in a program that provided step-by-step solutions and good explanations of the work. My kids love it.
Dana Boggs, VT

This is great, finishing homework much faster!
Christopher Bowman, TX

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