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Thank you very much for your help. This is excellent software and I thank you.
Candice Rosenberger, VT

Thanks for the quick reply. Now that's customer service!
Dana Boggs, VT

Algebrator is truly an educational software. My students feel at ease while using it. Its like having an expert sit next to you.
P.W., Illinois

My fourteen year-old son, Bradley, was considered at-risk by his school. But, I couldnt make him listen to me. Then when a teacher at his school, Mr. Kindler bless his heart, got him to try an after-school program, it was like a miracle! I wouldnt say Bradley became a model student but he was no longer failing his math classes. So when I found out that Mr. Kindler based his entire program on using Algebrator, I just had to write this letter to say Thank You! Imagine that!
Linda Rees, NJ

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