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Thanks so much for the explanation to help solve the problems so I could understand the concept. I appreciate your time and effort.
Alan Cox, TX

Thank you, thank you and thank you. I was struggling to understand algebra but getting nowhere. I had asked friends for help but the light just wouldnt turn on. I stopped asking because I felt stupid. But with your software, it was all there. The step by step instructions helped me on every question until finally I could see the patterns and understand them. I could also learn in the privacy of my home.
Jeff Galligan, AR

I have tried many other programs that did not deliver on what they promised. I decided to take a chance with the Algebrator. All I can say is WOW! Thank you!
Paola Randy, IN

All my skepticisms about this program were gone the first time I took a test and did not have to struggle through it. Thank you.
B.M., Vermont

Excellent software, explains not only which rule to use, but how to use it.
Matt Canin, IA

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