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I bought Algebrator last year, and now its helping me with my 9th Grade Algebra class, I really like the step by step solving of equations, it's just GREAT !
Patrick Ocean, FL

This product is great. Im a Math 10 Honors student and my parents bought your algebra software to help me out. I didnt think Id use it as much as I have but the step-by-step instructions have come in handy.
Jessie James, AK

As a teacher, much of my time was taken up by creating effective lesson plans. Algebrator allows me to create each lesson in about half the time. My kids love it because I can spend more time with them! Once they are old enough, I hope they will find this program useful as well.
Dan Mathers, MI

I do not have any issues. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad I purchased your product. I also appreciate the updates as they not only make for a better looking product, but things seem to be more user friendly now.
R.G., Florida

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