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I must say that I am extremely impressed with how user friendly this one is over the Personal Tutor. Easy to enter in problems, I get explanations for every step, every step is complete, etc.
Marsha Stonewich, TX

This algebra software provides my daughter with the ability to learn independently, offering facts and helpful hints before providing problems for her to solve. It's working out very well . . . I think the software lends itself nicely to helping students throughout the year by supplementing any materials they get in a regular classroom.
Lewis Labor, AZ

If it wasnt for Algebrator, I never would have been confident enough in myself to take the SATs, let alone perform so well in the mathematical section (especially in algebra). I have the chance to go to college, something no one in my family has ever done. After the support and love of both my mother and father, I think wed all agree that I owe the rest of my success as a student to your software. It really is remarkable!
Maria Lopez, CA

A friend recommended this software and it really helped me get all my homework done faster and right. I strongly recommend it.
Tami Garleff, MI

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