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As a user of both Algebrator 2.0 and 3.0 I have to say that the difference is incredible. I found the old Algebrator useful, but it was really difficult to enter more complex expression. With your new WYSIWYG interface that problem has been completely eliminated! It's like Word Equation Editor, just simpler. Also, thank you for not using the new new software as an excuse to jack up the price.
M.H., Illinois

I am impressed! At over 64 sometimes I hate changes, but this is certainly for the better.
Ed Carly, IN

So after I make my first million as a world-class architect, I promise to donate ten percent to Algebrator! If you ask me, thats cheap too, because theres just no way Id have even dreamed about being an architect before I started using your math program. Now Im just one year away from graduation and being on my way!
Allen Donland, GA

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