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  • barbara sultan works 40 hours per week as a registered nurse. at the rate of $31.50 per hour, what are her gross weekly earnings? (points : 2)
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  • ransford alda is a self-employed security consultant with estimated annual earnings of $90,000. his social security tax rate is 12.4%, medicare is 2.9%, and his federal income tax rate 14%. how much estimated tax must ransford send to the irs each quarter
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  • Fran Mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. In addition to Federal income tax (FIT), social security, and Medicare withholding, Fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. As payroll manager for Fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month
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  • pamela mello is paid on an incremental commission schedule. she is paid 2.6% on the first $60,000 and 3.4% on any sales over $60,000. if her weekly sales volume was $89,400, what was her total commission?
  • fran mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. in addition to federal income tax (fit), social security, and medicare withholding, fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. as payroll manager for fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month.
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  • Universal Exporting has three warehouse employees: John Abner earns $422 per week, Anne Clark earns $510 per week, and Todd Corbin earns $695 per week. The company’s SUTA tax rate is 5.4%, and the FUTA rate is 6.2% minus the SUTA. As usual, these taxes are paid on the first $7,000 of each employee’s earnings. How much FUTA tax did the company pay on these employees in the first quarter of the year? Using the scenario from the previous question, calculate how much FUTA tax Universal Exporting paid in the second quarter of the year.
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  • pamela mello is paid on an incremental commission schedule. she is paid 2.6% on the first $60,000 and 3.4% on any sales over $60,000. if her weekly sales volume was $89,400, what was her total commission? (points : 3)
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  • fran mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. in addition to federal income tax (fit), social security, and medicare withholding, fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. as payroll manager for fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month
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  • Arturo Muina is the captain of a charter fishing boat. He is paid a salary of $140 per day. He also averages tips amounting to 12% of a $475 daily charter rate. Last month during a fishing tournament, Arturo worked 22 days. What were his total gross earnings for the month?
  • universal exporting has three warehouse employees: john abner earns $422 per week, anne clark earns $510 per week, and todd corbin earns $695 per week. the company’s suta tax rate is 5.4%, and the futa rate is 6.2% minus the suta. as usual, these taxes are paid on the first $7,000 of each employee’s earnings. how much futa tax did the company pay on these employees in the first quarter of the year? (points : 3)
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  • Fran Mallory is married, claims five withholdings allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. In addition to Federal income tax (FIT), social security, and Medicare withholding. Fran pays 2.1% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $73.30 to the credit union. As payroll manager for Fran's company, calculate her net take-home pay per month
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  • Pamela Mello is paid on an incremental commission schedule. She is paid 2.6% on the first $60,000 and 3.4% on any sales over $60,000. If her weekly sales volume was $89,400, what was her total commission
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  • Arturo Muina is the captain of a charter fishing boat. He is paid a salary of $140 per day. He also averages tips amounting to 12% of a $475 daily charter rate. Last month during a fishing tournament, Arturo worked 22 days. What were his total gross earnings for the month?
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  • Dan Dietrich is an executive with Coronado Distributors. His gross earnings are $9,850 per month. Assume the government withholds 6.2% for Social Security and 1.45% for Medicare. What are the combined withholdings for Social Security and Medicare for Dan’s January paycheck?
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  • Based on the information given for each of the following studies, decide whether to reject the null hypothesis. For each, give (a) the Z-score cutoff (or cutoffs) on the comparison distribution at which the null hypothesis should be rejected,
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  • Universal Exporting has three warehouse employees: John Abner earns $422 per week, Anne Clark earns $510 per week, and Todd Corbin earns $695 per week. The company’s SUTA tax rate is 5.4%, and the FUTA rate is 6.2% minus the SUTA. As usual, these taxes are paid on the first $7,000 of each employee’s earnings. How much FUTA tax did the company pay on these employees in the first quarter of the year?
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  • dan dietrich is an executive with coronado distributors. his gross earnings are $9,850 per month. assume the government withholds 6.2% for social security and 1.45% for medicare. what are the combined withholdings for social security and medicare for dan’s january paycheck? (points : 3)
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  • Ransford Alda is a self-employed security consultant with estimated annual earnings of $90,000. His social security tax rate is 12.4%, Medicare is 2.9%, and his federal income tax rate 14%. How much estimated tax must Ransford send to the IRS each quarter?
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  • Two factory plants are making TV panels. Yesterday, Plant A produced panels. Ten percent of the panels from Plant A and of the panels from Plant B were defective. How many panels did Plant B produce, if the overall percentage of defective panels from the two plants was ?
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  • arturo muina is the captain of a charter fishing boat. he is paid a salary of $140 per day. he also averages tips amounting to 12% of a $475 daily charter rate. last month during a fishing tournament, arturo worked 22 days. what were his total gross earnings for the month? (points : 2)
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  • a solution contains 5% salt. how much water should be added to 90 ounces of this solution to make a 4.5% solution
  • epicure market prepared fresh gourmet entrees each day. on wednesday, 80 baked chicken dinners were made at a cost of $3.50 each. a 10% spoilage rate is anticipated. at what price should the dinners be sold to achieve a 60% markup based on selling price? (points : 2)
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  • Fran Mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. In addition to Federal income tax (FIT), social security, and Medicare withholding, Fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. As payroll manager for Fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month.
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  • barbara sultan works 40 hours per week as a registered nurse. at the rate of $31.50 per hour, what are her gross weekly earnings?
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  • fran mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. in addition to federal income tax (fit), social security, and medicare withholding, fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. as payroll manager for fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month. (points : 3)
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  • mel plans to fence his yard for his new puppy. the yard is 59ft by 96ft rectangle. fencing costs $5 per 10 ft section. what is the cost of the fence
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  • fran mallory is married, claims five withholding allowances, and earns $3,500 (gross) per month. in addition to federal income tax (fit), social security, and medicare withholding, fran pays 2.1% state income tax, and ½% for state disability insurance (both based on her gross income), plus an additional $43.11 for life insurance and $72.30 to the credit union. as payroll manager for fran’s company, calculate her net take-home pay per month.
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  • arturo muina is the captain of a charter fishing boat. he is paid a salary of $140 per day. he also averages tips amounting to 12% of a $475 daily charter rate. last month during a fishing tournament, arturo worked 22 days. what were his total gross earnings for the month?
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